Asia's Next Top Model S6 - EPISODE #8


  1. Tanmay Debnath


  2. john perez

    If beauty didnt eliminated shes definitely the winner of asntm 6

  3. C A

    8:12 Whoa, Cindy! Tyra 100% won't possibly do that.

  4. My Nguyen

    I like Pim. She is real!

  5. Rezeru ako

    Hooo. Happy adela top 3

  6. Tran Xuan Hai

    Oh my got Ho Ngoc Ha from Viet Nam

  7. Bảo Phạm

    I love Adela

  8. Lao Ling

    Only Beauty has asin look here the rest should not be called asian because they doesn't even look asian people. just saying

  9. Sam

    L O Lwhite finale xD

  10. Emka

    Mia is so meaaaan

  11. 김재

    mr ben ten ;3

  12. lorenzo lim

    Beauty should have won! this was a stupid elimination!

  13. Tori Vega

    *sign* Now Beauty is sadly gone, I am rooting for Mia 😔

  14. Tori Vega

    Noo Beauty doesn’t deserve to be out 😭

  15. Tori Vega

    I love how strong everyone is and how much they improved these week 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💙💙💙

  16. vincentius hidalgo's

    wHY THE FCK DID YOU ELIMINATE BEAUTYYY 😭 SHE IS THE MOST ASIAN LOOKING GIRL AND SHE DESERVED A SPOT IN THE TOP 3 ARGHHH I mean she's best photo 2 times, she just needs more confidence within her, ugh what a waste smh

  17. vincentius hidalgo's

    i'm really proud of danaaa ❤ like imagine in the first weeks shes playing it safe and sometimes on the bottom but look at her now! so much confidence, 2 best photos on the wall, like yes gurl! burn em all!! 👏❤

  18. Ed Lincoln Gallora

    I just notice that cindy while the photoshoot compliments the photo sometimes she tells yes youre slaying it but when elimination comes she says it not good

  19. An Hòa Hoàng

    one of the worst season at all

  20. suleman bilquish

    That's a ridiculous challenge

  21. Lora Chuang

    Where's Colgate, Neutrogena etc.?

  22. Hunter J

    This is ASEAN next top model not Asia. No indian,Lebanese , Nepal etc

  23. Chicken strips


  24. Skara Guillermo

    Is Philippines eliminated?

  25. Phương Thuý

    omg chị Hồ Ngọc Hà 😍😍 I very very love she

  26. muhd zafri

    Mia and Adela deserve it congrats girls

  27. Nemhoithem Lhungdim

    Who else think Beauty sud be in next top 3,,😍😍 please take her back

  28. Jay Jay

    I can imagine how each continent reacted when they realized there are other people on this earth... A long time ago. I think it is nice to embrace our different beauties.

  29. Becky manoodmeow

    Whatever I love beauty

  30. Kim Thien Luu

    Am I paranoid or there are a lot of 1st generation mixed beauty with more than Western features in Asia Next Top Model!? I love Beauty's beauty. She has charisma of a real Asia model.

  31. Μαρια Λιναρδου

    I loved Beauty!! She should have been to the top!


    I LOVE PIM!!! my girl Dana made it🖤

  33. Kriti Sawad

    i felt very bad for pim ,but she is the best

  34. serendipity 127

    I don't understand all the hate towards the girls not being 'full Asaian'. But I guess in just used to Antm which is a huge melting pot.

  35. 32ndFoto

    Beauty was supposed to WIN.. Regardless, she will get picked up by a big agency, 100%.

  36. Emily Green

    Tu is such a great mentor ❤️She doesn’t show her kindness that’s why beauty got two pictures on the wall 💛

  37. Herzelle Paula

    i got goosebumps holy

  38. GoDfather

    I love Beauty, she is very gorgeous

    1. GoDfather

      And I also love Pim

  39. Raffael Yu

    The fact that they eliminated the dark and pure Asian girls

  40. Paul Taeza

    I honestly think only Beauty has the most ASIAN face among them! It pains me to see her go! 😭

  41. Naeema Abdihakim

    Pim looks a proud mum she really likes Dana aww

  42. Jessie Anderson

    I hate how all these shoots involving Subaru never qualified as a fashion shoot to me (they always looked kind of tacky to me). AusNTM was able to keep things classy and fashionable with their Ford shoot:

  43. Jeongguk Pasta

    This cycle seems to be a bit boring. And the top 3 aren’t even asian looking. Just saying tho

  44. gommi Bear

    *beauty deserves to be in the top 3* im legit in tears

  45. gommi Bear

    can i just say..... *glenn tan is such a qt* _hehe_

  46. gommi Bear

    can i just say.... *glenn tan is so qt* _hehe_

  47. chanathip tipwong

    I love Beauty ❤️

  48. christy capers

    Where are they? They didn’t travel at all to an international destination. Where did they start?

  49. Tien Nguyen

    Ho Ngoc Ha ❤️ VIETNAM 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  50. Jhenn Manguerra