David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure



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    David Dobrik tries nine things he's never done before, from creating latte art and swaddling a baby, to performing CPR and sliding into Lana Del Rey's DMs. For more David Dobrik check out his CN-new: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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    David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure

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    1. ZonateWheat15

      While he was doing CPR he was compressing WAY too fast. We typically want 1 bps (Beats per second) He was probably doing 5bps

    2. isabel panozo

      #1 trendingggg

    3. alexia barfield

      David would be an amazing dad!!!

    4. Blah Blah

      I kinda fell in love with David, now..is that bad🤔

    5. Aria Floyd

      Okay so why does David hands look so....so manly yet....his face is so babyish but his hands also look so gentle I just I don't know....

    6. lydia casey

      david swaddling a baby is something i never knew i needed so much

    7. whatafly80sguy

      CPR should be to the tempo of Stayin Alive ;)

    8. Mia Mendoza

      Trending #1

    9. zureena ali

      11 hours ago 1.5 million views 😲


      is this the man people(trisha) perceive as ted bundy....i don't think so

    11. Morgan Dunne


    12. Zani Nae

      "oh I get it. Just like the baby." *Aggressively knees the fitted sheet*

    13. samanthaberronesxo

      he looks like he could be in twilight with those contacts 😂

    14. mikaela danielle

      this is #1 on trending *quality content with david*

    15. SAVAGEKID 111

      #1 on trending

    16. Abbegail Craig

      Seeing him slide into Lana del rays was sad cause she’s not Liza 😢

    17. mariah dominguez

      David holding a baby is everything I never knew I needed

    18. Ashlyn Berwick

      Everyone knows you’re supposed to pump to the tune of Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees 😏

    19. Alec Roberts

      Waiting for Lana in the vlogs

    20. intl_bohemian

      #1 on trending, wow congrats bro!

    21. Stuff with Agi

      Imma subscribe to none that subs to me!!! Really actually

    22. DolanX Luv u guys

      I love him. He’s so cute ❤️❤️🥰💖💗💕💝💞💘🤗😘❣️

    23. Epic gamer x

      Thats a fake baby

    24. Nathan Speiser

      wow, you guys have a surplus of babies huh?

    25. AKITA! II-//

      i was waiting for him to drop the baby,,, am i ok

    26. Nene Sodaba

      Whiter your are the better Explains why black people hait us so mutch

    27. Zain Q.

      David is literally a demon, he's so rude to all his friends and uses them. He's obnoxious to even the coffee instructor

    28. Meg Park

      Hey Liza u saw the baby part right?


      I never knew I needed to see this video also David is blowing up omg are the vlogs gonna stop

    30. Chris Prillo Is Ebola

      those bundle of cells are the cutest things

    31. Collin Goffinet

      Where's my boy Gekyume

    32. Peace_Løve_Art

      Imagine your parent just at a random time being like oh yeah David Dobrik held you when you were a baby.

    33. justice torrez

      I love David and all but how is this #1 on trending?

    34. Kata valala

      anyone else want to know what happened with lana del rey????

    35. Mickey Johnson

      Why did he looked amazed by the coffee machine Boy you have a tesla HahahahA

    36. hussein sabrie

      I'm so jealous of the baby

    37. BROgrammer plus

      *I never heard of this guy before I just saw the baby*

    38. Comment King

      How many people think he's cute 👇

    39. Gatito :3

      *david holding a baby is the most adorable thing in the world*

    40. cAiLyN kOoNtZ

      one of these things should have been to not put a clickbait title

    41. I am Lola

      *good thumbnail* 😏

    42. hussein sabrie

      I go on trending, find a video, comment, and try getting as many likes as possible I'm BORED help me Brag

    43. Yeehaw hours

      David is the definition of good boyes

    44. ASMR Wisteria

      he’s so cute

    45. AclipZ Cookie

      Just dropped a knee montage if anyone wants to look at it

    46. Zahoor K

      Why is david soooooo HOT 🔥 🔥 🔥

    47. Amanda O'Reilly

      David's one of the most handsome guys I've seen.......no joke. ❤

    48. Priya Neopane

      okay david dobrik is cute

    49. CUT YA HOE

      WITH THE COLORED CONTACTS He looks like he’s from twilight LMAOOO

    50. Rachel Kyes

      David has definitely done cpr before he followed all of the protocol!

    51. RottedDollFace

      Awww look at chu David. As precious as ever.......le sigh*🌺🌺🌺🖤🖤

    52. l pain

      Hes so cute! lol

    53. BoEmSu Random

      I just realized david looks like shrek

    54. Robo lil

      I love seeing white buety no other race can match up to us our glistening skin Darkies dont have nun on us

    55. Asia Z

      2:34 He’s obviously never watched the office cpr scene

    56. *Mini*

      David. Has. A. Pain. Kink.

    57. Alexa Angeles

      He’s so cute omg

    58. Rachel Kyes

      Wow those are some CUTE babies

    59. susie

      he’s so pretty

    60. Maria J Andersen


    61. Angbean

      look at this little dork

    62. jewel dinel

      those baby’s are going to grow up and get to brag that david dobrik held them as a baby

    63. Moira Percival

      David with a baby is one of the most adorable things on the fave of the earth! 😍❤😍❤

    64. OhhJavz

      Wait for David’s next vlog, Lana will be in it

    65. Rebekah Johnson

      I’m so proud he actually knew how to swaddle a baby.... pretty darn good. Lol 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    66. EmberWolf333

      the funny thing is, my school uses the EXACT same CPR dummies that they used😂

    67. Galilea Luna

      U should’ve done ‘David puts on chapstick for the first time’

    68. bluh bluh babe

      Wait, he's never folded a fitted sheet??? Jesus christ, parents, please teach your kids how to fold it's an often overlooking skill that's considered invaluable but it's really helpful

    69. Luci Van Loon

      David is adorable

    70. royalcuteness

      He is creepy af

    71. Maddy wittenberg

      Omg he is so cute 😂❤️😌

    72. Shanavier Gallant

      Watching David swaddle the babies is his practice for when he watches Max. Also, it's really cute that he can't hold the babies head properly so he uses his head to support them.

    73. Melany Becerra-Leo

      I wish I was the dummy lol😂

    74. I'm_Socially_Awkward

      I never learned how to swaddle and I babysat my baby sister all the time lol

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    76. Shanté Zoellner

      Such a cutie 3:09

    77. Gabriella Harpole

      girl who trusted david with two babies? XD

    78. LeeAnn Wilson

      No David is a HORRIBLE human BEING

    79. Jesse Roddriguez

      Oh yeah YEAH

    80. XxBTSunaCornxX's Fake ACC

      He is so cutw UwU

    81. You TV

      Love it 😍 Oh it’s like a baby

    82. UnknownLoserX

      I’ll never get the hype over David Dobrik

    83. Uni 37

      I clicked on this video for the baby!

    84. Lydia Yates

      He’s so sweet with the babies and so gentle and the look he has on his face is just showing the joy in his heart. He’s so sweet

    85. Alexandra Sanchez

      Vampire Dobrik

    86. The Clark Channel

      "are you good?" To the dummy actually made me laugh out loud

    87. Frost & Fire DEElirium

      If only Him and Liza would've been together!! Those babies would've been yours!!😭😭😭😭😭😭


      That baby is a disgusting creature, just like all babies are. Abortion is the key to survival in an already overpopulated world.

    89. xp00jenn00qx

      Free entry giveaway playr.gg/c/f8iwLcB?a=xp00jenn00qx_3921

    90. Beauty Bomboms


    91. Elyza T

      I’m a simple human I see David Dobrik, I click.

    92. Jorge Ruiz

      Lana has stated that she watches CN-new vlogs so I’m pretty sure she knows who David dobrik is

    93. Xoxo Mars

      Low key had a crush on David for years

    94. Jorge Ruiz

      If David meets Lana Del Rey I’m going to be so happy for him but also super jealous because Lana is my queeeeeeen

    95. CynosureEPR

      His first non-awkward appearance in one of these shows.. great job bruh. Keep it up!

    96. eloiise

      wait did the first one hurt or did it tickle him? lmao

    97. Sammy lastname

      *david would be a hot vampire*

    98. Anika Giron

      What a KING AHHH

    99. Dance Challenges Comp .

      Only clicked for the swaddling 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰