1. The_Slime_Named_NooB

    this song is soooo underrated

  2. Moniyah Hamilton

    Who else was counting down😂😂😂

  3. VideoFresh Gaming

    now heard this song wow so good and it was posted on my birthday wow

  4. Sunshine Compton

    24seconds 👦

  5. Carmen Wadsworth

    I love your music 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Tabitha Cummins

    Sing it girl

  7. Ama beats

    Wow she sing like Khalid

  8. Vanessa Strickland

    She got sauce DRIPPING PERIOD...FAV she lit asf


    How about twenty four hours sexy?

  10. Fabiola Desjardins

    We love u😍😘

  11. Katrina Anderson

    I love me some Ella Mai ❤️ her music is everything to me

  12. Megan GoldenLove


  13. Trevor Jones

    I never new she swers

  14. goalboy19

    The old R&B is back with this video, back in the '90's, the clothes and basketball court too.

  15. Ashley Taliquig


  16. Dannie hallman

    Love 🗣️

  17. Promise Georga

    Love this song 💜💙

  18. Aisha-Lee Wichman

    Sexy gal

  19. Mahali Simpson

    Video whack as hell

  20. Shante Jck

    I love her music, very talented and she ain't half naked...her talent shines through and through.

  21. Sierra Mosley

    🔥 I fucks with her nigga you got 24 seconds

  22. Rae Louis

    Damn. This girl is vibes.

  23. shenelle nolan

    I love Ella mai keep going mama

  24. April Palmquist

    She is everything what a natural beauty and her style is on point and that voice is a godsend!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jamian Royal


  26. Violinist Bochan Kang 강보찬

    gorgeous!!!! 👂🏻

  27. Billy Bob

    I’m a old white man, is it ok if I say ni**a when I sing along Thanks -bill

  28. Tracy Edwards


  29. Ra'Miyah Tomlin

    You cool


    Omg she can do no wrong! Perfection at it's best ❤

  31. Claudia Escoe

    Did any body else think about Billie eilish as soon as they saw Ella in white baggy clothes?

  32. Candace Butler

    My song!!!!

  33. Tanisha Seer

    Tryna get the black community back on her side after what happened with Jaquees

  34. Speed Boss

    all of ur songs are the best😚😚😚

  35. Asia Jackson

    I absolutely love her but all her singles sound the same.

  36. Tishonna Dillon

    nobody may agree but I promise ella mai is giving me aaliyah vibes

  37. r3dd baby

    Wish a nigga would try to holla wearing some skinny AND ripped jeans wtf! #boyBye

  38. Life with Malikah

    I like this song

  39. Eric Lester

    The world is full of ... Gay cuddles Dick puddles Slut bubbles What the hell is she sayin at the end... I think she was really sayin this 💩👍

  40. krystle holmon

    Love her 🥰

  41. Michelle


  42. Cookie Legends

    1 month late.....😢😢😢😢Damn

  43. Victor Thammavong

    We seriously need to bring old school R&B back like this. It looks and sounds so nostalgic for a new song. I’m feelin’ it.

  44. tmthyfrndz

    I hella slept on her when she came out. But damn I'm feeling her. Talent deserve credit

  45. trudi benham

    Damn i cant get enough of this song

  46. Courtney Jefferson

    Is it wired that I’ve been singing this song over and over 😂

  47. Patience Bradshaw

    How do you keep your hair slicked

  48. Crusty the PBS Kid

    Why does the beginning remind me of playing Minecraft like 2 years ago

  49. Melannie Bennett

    Am I the only one think she should make a song with cardi b 😍😍😘😘♥️♥️♥️💖💋❣️🔐🤞🤞🤞

    1. David  Johnson

      Melannie Bennett Yes you are. There style of music are worlds apart.

  50. Yvonne Watts

    When that nigga pull up on me! Tell that nigga baby!

  51. Yvonne Watts

    Laughed at: I be feeling like this girl is slept on

  52. Fardowsa Musse

    Drake should do a remix to this song with her.

  53. Sharayah Wright

    1:28 is tht the nigga from tht Titi wants live show or whtever its called😭😭

  54. Clarenda Smith

    I love white peole.

  55. L0vely Ky

    Shot clock>>> Jungle

  56. Stephanie Hodges

    15 mill? That's it?! I know ive watched 10 mill helllllllllllll Give Ella her likes

  57. 절 대 돌 격 해

    하앙 귀르가즘

  58. Willie Chew

    This with Love , she can out hit. Love her music like love her..

  59. toXic

    i thought the title said short cock

  60. Quashawn Ramsey

    I like this song and the album but she is sooooo boring to watch. If she doesn’t step up her stage presence she will not be around long.

  61. Unjani Tembisa

    Does any one have the instrumental for ella 's song. Easy

  62. Chad Hunter


  63. Tay Pierre Manning

    I'm sorry. I like Vedo's version better.😒


    i love this girl she never have to show her ass to prove she got talent she presents herself as a woman

  65. Megan Gee x

    15m views 211k likes? you guys TRIPPIN!

  66. Vernon Franklin

    Beauty and strong singing voice

  67. TG.Musix


  68. abel madondo

    Ella is the real deal

  69. Anthony Juras

    no one saying anything about the drake flow in the chorus? aight den

  70. lex pitra

    Doesn’t get enough attention

    1. Alisha Oster

      lex pitra :who doesn’t?

  71. Simone Greenwood

    Love this song...this is so my relationship

  72. offset Quavo

    This song sounds trash

  73. Ashley Wms

    Oh sister loves it her favorite

  74. Ashley Wms

    How old are you

  75. Moonlight Sonata

    Ok but the N word is cringy. The reason I don't like rap music.

  76. Elijah Shemar

    Her music and style remind me of aaliyah before she dead when she was just reaching her prime

  77. jachelle mathis

    So can anybody tell me what this song is actually about I kinda have an idea but I wanna here other people’s opinions I absolutely love this song.

  78. Eboni Lee

    You got a lot of songs that I like them

  79. Wizzy Smith

    I love This song

  80. Jalah Miller

    Jalah KO😍😘😘😘😘😘

  81. Irene Campbell

    Ahhhmazing VOCALS👍👍😍😍😍

  82. Jas Alex

    Come thru Aaliyah

  83. Tasha Tate

    she reminds me of Aaliyah

  84. Glossy MSP

    Why she saying the n word

  85. Chad Hunter

    Then wasting my time with yooooouo ahhh

  86. sarah blem

    0:36-0:43 it's the same flow of a french song "La c'est die" of the artist RIDSA. Any french people here that agree with me ?

  87. Melissa Moya

    Love herr💕💕🔥🔥🔥🔥

  88. sequoyah nkengenyi

    I like this song

  89. Collin G.


  90. Jashyia Robinson

    Ella mai I love this song 💖🔥🔥🔥

  91. devilfighter777

    I don't wish to bag that actually

  92. Marissa Copeland

    The Bomb Digz killed the remix 😍😍😍😍

  93. ZeeZee Love


  94. Ryan White

    im not the only one who hears legend from drake right?

    1. Anthony Juras

      I done heard it.

  95. Rosie Avalos

    Is alot of niggas hatin and i dont entertain em but damn you gotta give me morreeeeeee!!!!

  96. Shafferspeeks

    I feel this right here, keep it up Ella 💪🏿👊🏿💯

  97. Lowasli 2x

    Drake “legend”

  98. Tasha B

    being slept on is what the whole songs about

  99. April Middleton

    I love her songs.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍