Everything Wrong With Moana In 15 Minutes Or Less

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    *This video is a re-upload. Original release date: 4/25/17*
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    What can I say, except... we found some?!
    Next week: Something comic-y and something sci-fi.
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    1. CinemaSins

      Hey guys! This video is a re-upload because the original version of this episode was no longer viewable. We’ll be posting these re-uploads every Saturday for the next few months. There are still NEW sins videos every Tuesday and Thursday!

      1. Corinna Brown

        Wut is ex machina???? IM CONFUZLED.

      2. Hazel-Baby

        Is there an everything wrong with The Witch, if not I think there should be haha

      3. Ricardo Vazquez

        Until reading this I thought I had some sort of extremely specific deja vu about the contents of the video.

      4. Nicholas Smith


      5. fun off

        Honesty CinemaSins I don't think you should have bothered. Just quit.

    2. Savage Drone Gaming

      What are the odds

    3. BlueDiamond

      5:32 not even mentioning Lin- Manuel Miranda, he basically sung the song

    4. April Yanke

      Why is grandma the only one with the reincarnation tattoo? Seriously even the dude that asked about cooking hayhay doesn't have one and he has to be as old as her.

    5. AwsomeFreddlez GamezAndStuff

      You forgot Maui lift the boat with 1 hand with no effort but he had a hard time pulling a paralyzing dart

    6. Sean Richards

      God damn this is quite possibly one of the most ignorant videos I've ever seen from you. You flat out ignore a shit ton of Polynesian culture and mythology. My culture is rich and historic - not a fucking joke.

    7. Raptor Rampage

      So you’re Canadian, eh

    8. Amokriin Prolgiid

      I think you missed several sin opportunities. Like the fact that there's no way she could knock over that maui statue in the cave with her size, there's no way she's heavy enough to tip the boat when she jumps on it, and other ridiculous stunts.

    9. Trebuchetify

      This is really popular and I dont like when things are popular! HAHAHA checkmate 😎😎😎

    10. Ovis Aries

      Pigs dont hate water theres a beach (and i think an island) where pigs literally swim in the ocean

    11. Jakeybabes

      This channel is still trash I see....

    12. HD Keemii

      lol this guy takes this seriously ?

    13. Andy Nguyen

      11:16 he sang because *YOUR WELCOME* Ok I will go

    14. James Thomas

      Notably half the shit he sins here is simply Polynesian culture. I need nothing more to confirm my assumption that this guy is a crusty old White guy who doesn't even both to do research to see if the things he is saying is true, or understand that this is a movie dealing with Polynesian mythology, and doesn't think that sometimes directors actually have things called "cultural consultants" helping them accurately portray that culture. Clickbait dumbass.

    15. AwesomeAndrhhg ٤٩٢

      Origianlly earth was ocean, untill volcanoes became the first lands.

    16. NGaming

      Is this the most sins ever removed from a movie?

    17. Justice Egwabor

      Xo basically this cave is an ancestral CN-new channel.. Waiting...... 😂😂😂

    18. Robert Wisher

      I think he spelled the title its spelled guy sins actual Polynesian mythology and misunderstanding it and pointed out inconsistencies with LITERAL MYTHOLOGY

    19. Robert Wisher

      11:30 of course it's dark it was like a religion not taken as stories or fables.

    20. iusedtobehere

      they forgot the sin where in the song shes talking about how she cant get away from the water she was about to put a stone on that stack thing...Why???? i know it was meant to symbolize something, but why would she be putting it on then?

    21. Jacob Frumovitz

      Actually there was a time when it was only oceans, just saying, it was about 3.8 billion years ago but it still happened

    22. Intr. Anet

      3:02 His accent😂😂That’s what i sound like😂😂😂😂😂

    23. Isabella Newton-Cross

      that drum is a drum........it's a Samoan drum.........you get one sin for that................😂



    25. NeonGhost 36

      I'm from New Zealand and in the legend I was taught Maui's mother was a goddess and thought he was born dead so that's why she put him in the ocean.

    26. Mustafa Alzughayyar

      8:51 were you sarcastic boii?

    27. guilttrippers

      the galen erso reference just gave me three extra brain cells

    28. KomodoComet

      Actually it is a Polynesian folktale and also a hawk's talons are basically like human hands... and also when you say that it's overly convenient that the ocean deposits her on the island it's because the sea puts her there on purpose, and if you don't understand what I'm talking about did you even watch the movie?

    29. טומי שלו

      Do everything wrong with saw 4 saw 5 saw 6 saw 7 and saw 8

    30. Mate Wait

      The killing of an eel is a Samoan legend

    31. Mate Wait

      That’s is a drum tho🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️👀

    32. GothNeko

      5:21 CinemaSins not understanding a different culture. A simple google of "Polynesian Drums" immediately shows those drums. Lazy asshats

      1. Robert Wisher

        I noticed that to lol

      2. Mate Wait

        GothNeko ikrrrrr 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    33. kevin gray

      So no infinity war?

    34. Ben Stoke

      Actually there was a point in time were it was just water, but not like this so carry on

    35. Zull

      Damn , you've become even more cancer than the last time i tried watching your videos. I remember you in the begining , where you'd actually think and did a little research before posting , now you're like a turd machine , shitting out diahrrea videos one after another. I wonder how long can you hide behind "it's all satire , comedy , you just don't get it" every single fucking time someone points out your mistakes , it's getting kinda stale buddy. You're gonna crash and burn soon if you continue like this and I'm gonna be right there enjoying every moment of it.

    36. Anomander82

      Sin 3 error: early cratonic and later continental development is only thought to have been prominent from the start of the Palaeoproterozoic (around 3.0Ga), prior to that the Earth is believed to have been characterized by a global shallow ocean.


      Moana’s hot

    38. Blake Peters

      Just terrible. Ugh your content is obnoxious. Sins like “his tattoo is his conscience” where you are just pointing out things that are happening on the screen. How is that a sin? You make no sense and I can’t understand how people enjoy these videos.

      1. Blake Peters

        I don't even know right now That’s moving the goalposts. When it’s convenient to say they are jokes then they are jokes, and when it’s convenient to say they are reviews they are reviews. Besides, the jokes just aren’t funny.

      2. I don't even know right now

        These videos are kinda jokes,but no movie goes without sin,which is kinda true.

    39. Constellationillustrations

      So my issue with Disney movies that focus on culture biggest examples being Moana and coco is that the focus so hard on being culturally accurate that the story suffers a bit and has plot holes. May I mention that grandma tala dying came out of fricking NO WHERE! It like just happened and was super rushed just so the could do the manta Ray thing and the ghost grandma

    40. Colonel Xander

      So, let me get this straight... The entirety of your content is you vomiting your miserable pathetic life on every single movie you come across? Wow, you must be a gggggrrreeeeat person to have in life.

    41. The albino mouse W

      Do without a paddle

    42. John Ford

      Tha part where maui buried an eel is actually inspired on a real folk lore.

      1. John Ford

        Actually, everything in moana is based on real folk lores

    43. Logan Fisher

      Hey guys, the fish hook constellation does actually exist. It's the same set of stars that make up Scorpius for the Greco-Roman constellations. The movie just greatly exaggerates it by adding in a bunch of extra stars along it.

    44. 1T3 T0X1C

      You say pigs hate water but water but what about that beach that has swimming pigs

    45. jebmak

      Pigs hate water? That sounds wrong.

    46. outpost 38

      2:00 her foot prints disappear when it cuts to a overhead shot

    47. Darth Chubbz

      There was actually a time about 2.5 billion years ago when only 2 to 3 percent of the world was dry land, so they kinda got it right

    48. Taeho Bang

      Maybe a face reveal?

    49. Taeho Bang

      still waiting for everything wrong with avengers infinity war

    50. Nigel Avery

      where everything wrong with infinity war