Itzy “Dalla Dalla” M/V reaction!



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    Will it be LITZY... or SH*TZY...?
    JYP’s new girl group HAS ARRIVED. And boy, did they debut with a BANG. Itzy’s “Dalla Dalla” M/V is a roaring anthem of self love. How cool is that??? Watch Cody and Wyatt encounter technical problems in today’s super special Twice sister group reaction!! I don’t care what they say. I am who I am.
    #jyp #itzy #dalladalla
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    1. GayPop

      so what y'all think???? we think that ITZY IS ALREADY ICOSMIC !!!~!~! ***

      1. The DarkOPZ

        Live React To ITZY's Debut Showcase. LIVE React To ITZY's M Countdown Performance. Live REACT to ITZY's Music Bank Performance.

      2. alienprotein

        Looks tacky coming from JYP

      3. Dopy

        bernice el maze i don’t understand what you’re saying

    2. Chae Qweensies

      2:06 yall bias/fave is Chaeryeong??

    3. jiayi Wang

      I didn’t like this song at first but now I CAN’T STOP watching their lives and OMG Yuna is sooooooo freaking pretty!!n

    4. SEUNGHWA.

      React to sf9 enough pls.

    5. Gilson de Jesus


    6. Sallie Andrea

      Some people don’t like it but I think it’s a whole as BOP!! This has been in my head everyday since it came out

    7. KS T

      Both of you are so cuuuteee 😂❤ Subscribing!!!

    8. 아가트와이스

      best reaction so far. love from ph.

    9. Nurul Izzah

      Please REACT to 1THE9 - LIKE A MAGIC (SPECIAL STAGE) Music Core now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 They will debut on this april.

    10. Nurul Izzah

      Please REACT to 1THE9 - LIKE A MAGIC (SPECIAL STAGE) Music Core now. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 They will debut on this april.

    11. Bbjolux Takouojolux

      O.M.G MY BIAS Yeji

    12. YTQueens4LifeROBLOX

      React to chaeryoungs sister she is in izone and her debut song is la vien rose react to it

    13. chaeyoung tiger

      please react to their performance

    14. Farhan Tanjung

      They are gay?

    15. Эдриан Монк


    16. Arya Stark

      i think Boombayah is still better in my opinion tho hehez

    17. selena tan

      Are you gay ?

    18. Ashley Tan

      Fandom Name: LITZYs HAHA

    19. Maria Lmp

      The guy with the nike shirt is so fucking HOT 🥵 he looks like Archie from river dale

    20. silvia C

      Please react to hwasa’s MV twit (sorry for my english)

    21. ja ja

      外人がアジア人すきなわけないよね笑笑 ゲイカップル? なんか普通じゃなさそう

    22. yay y


    23. Alexandra Monteiro


    24. Nfl 16

      YUNA is elevator girl,she is very pretty,and have a great smile,

    25. 소리소문없이

      우와 있지 리엑션 역대급으로 많네 뭐라하는지 모르겠는데 ㅋㅋ

    26. Florence Tovani

      This is one of the best debut videos I've ever seen!😎

    27. [ PocketTae ]

      Dancing on viechles is a jyp debut thing apearently

    28. [ PocketTae ]

      Delulus: omg they stole bts concept!1!!

    29. Jeff Ghost

      That Disney classic evil Villon mention lol Cruela Deville.

    30. AI.Why

      Amazing debut, im yuna bias 🤣😂

    31. JennyPyroPlays

      She's Liaaa(。♥ᴗ♥。)

    32. Reynaldo Rahima Putra

      Can you make reaction video for IZ*ONE's Suki to Iwasetai ? Pleasee

    33. 보리보리

      PLZ USE CONDOM!!! Don't spread HIV

    34. 쥐돌

      Who is top?

    35. Willy Sirait

      Adam are paired with hawa, not adam with justin. lOl

    36. 시현에리

      화사 - 멍청이(twit) please

    37. fiomiku salyy

      No mame lia parece kendal jener esa cara nms

    38. Janett Villarreal

      Yes it's hard to pick a favorite... but in order: Lia, ryu, yeji, yuna and chaeryoung

    39. Donnie Dimayacyac

      the moment the video buffered and stop!! hahaha

    40. KCHILL

      Stan ITZY for Good Grades and clear skin💅🏼

    41. Luka Johanson


    42. Rickeded

      This made me subscribe to you guys 😍

    43. Mich _yeoseo

      I love your reaction oh my goshhhh!!!

    44. B

      우와 손모양 마지막이 왕관인걸 눈치채다니 역시 게이들 눈썰미는 다르구먼 ㅎㄷㄷ

    45. JX A

      "Did they hire the marvel? " hahahahaha LOL

    46. Chirag Jain

      Why did you changed your channel name


      Is the best debut and songs in all the kpop...i really love them...bdw i love twice tooo

    48. ys rizqiyyah

      The chorus is sooooo gooodd...

    49. Da Sai

      Help me i cant picl between yeji and yuna lol

    50. hongtuoi nguyen


    51. 꿀잼

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ♥♥♥♥ 재밌어요 ♥♥

    52. Afernanda09

      Finally people that got has excited has I was 😭😭

    53. 8D Melody

      I made an 8D version of the song. Feel Dalla Dalla surrounding you :3

    54. Vitor Hugo Queiroz

      React to CLC - NO plis!

    55. Lily X M

      Please react to Taemin's comeback "Want" 🔥

    56. Neeta tay

      I loved watching your reactions !! So awww :) thank you for being so kind!! Also , LOVEEEE this song !!!! Love Itzy !

    57. 사리스모

      *JYP GIRL GROUP* The end

    58. Ntwjvortex

      Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryoung and Yuna(my bias)

    59. Gucci Kween

      I love y'all so much😂❤❤ so funny and handsome. 😻xx

    60. lauvyena

      yas itzy ! lee sisters y'all

    61. Aldwin Manggad

      Chaeryeong Yeji Lia Ryujin

    62. Selly Luv

      Hey boyss, Jesus loveee youu so muuuchh♥️

    63. Bethany Leigh

      Let's stan ITZY together 💖

    64. Bethany Leigh

      Love your reaction haha 💖🤗

    65. Ryle Dy

      I love the MV too.

    66. FatalSage09 Xlll

      i'm just waiting for txt's debut! don't mind me : )

    67. 이게

      영상 보다가 이상해서 닉네임을 봤더니 게이네. 난 게이가 참 싫어. 이유는 없어. 니네 성 소수자 자체를 부정하는게 아니라 내가 느끼기에 그냥 니네가 싫어. 난 철저한 이성애자라서 니네가 그냥 싫어.

      1. 띵곡 모음

        대놓고 싫다고 하는 인성 추악하다 그런건 니혼자 메모장에 쓰시던가요

    68. Haley Garner

      Itzy is litzy there awesome my bias our yeji and chaeryeong I literally cant pick between them

    69. eza muhammad

      for me, Izone & CherryBullet have better debut song.

    70. eza muhammad

      the song isnt that great as my expectation when I saw the teaser. also it sounds like Meghan Trainor song. the concept similiar to 2NE1, BlackPink & Red Velvet.. but they said itz different haha no hate, but here’s what I feel about them. but the dance is fire.

      1. SNSD/twice BTS/2pm

        Blackpink style like a miss A x 2ne1 orrrr twice style like a SNSD itzy like a fx 2ne1 itzy like a red velvet RED VELVET????? RED VELVET LOL 😂 itzy like a blackpink because girlcrush style ajajfjkskgka its crazy😂😂😂😂😂 twice cheer up cheerleader concept TT halloween red velvet bad boy-2 horror concept red flavor summer concept BUT BLACPINK concept??????? blackpink has "style" any concept

    71. oheyshady


    72. karui Mahõ no

      Me acabo de enamorar de los 2 😍

    73. Martin Amarilla

      How can anyone hate this song? The energy it has gives me life!

    74. Martin Amarilla

      Itzy and TXT coming to collect all the wigs in 2019. 4th gen better come through!

    75. Grace VC


    76. zia muntazar

      U look gay

    77. Eanna Reign


    78. Gabrielle Angelie Limcuando

      You forgot Ryujin and Yuna

    79. Beto 1026

      Why you two are so handsome? (srry i'm bad at english)

    80. Emilame

      Omg y’all had the same exact reaction to chaeryeon as me Triality Queen

    81. delacruz juan

      kpop reaction with marvel related comments 😍

    82. Jake Banquer

      The guy on the left looks like KJ APA and I live for it

    83. Hhh Hours

      « I could cry » Me too ❤️


      Love you guys♥️

    85. Hwang Tuan

      I love your reactions❤️ They are like real real and not acted ya know xD

    86. Hwang Tuan

      "I like her hair" "wow" "she brings a lot" This is Yeji the Queen and perfection ❤️👑

    87. Syahri Ramadhani

      It’s obviously Litzy ❤️🌈I can’t help replaying the MV xxx

    88. Juvy Lucero

      I love the dance moves!! It was crazy!! Visually stunning, everything about this music video and the girls, are dope!!! Superb!!!

    89. SnauQ Is Back

      are they really gaypop ?

    90. J’aime Ilovz

      I hope in every video you post in begin the video kiss and in the last kiss ❤️

    91. Midnight_Demons

      first time watching you guys and i LOVE this! *subscribed* THANK YOU

    92. Gerry Nam

      U2 Why so handsome? I feel bad.

    93. Everlasting Sub2Pewds

      I miss cody&wyatt

    94. langit. jpg


    95. Lafftreep23

      The dance break is def my fave and by the way Cody, I love that you didn't manage to continue what you're saying and just simply dance when the chorus came on. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    96. double N channel

      Chaeyoung look like Leechaeyeon

    97. Jm Sencil

      My heart is bouncing after i watched their mv..WHAT!??A perfect debut!!

    98. bucoybrown

      THE FIRST REACTION I LOOKED FOR IS YOURS. I’m so happy to enter this Litzy era with you two!