1. Jaime Moreno

    "It won't be cause my shit ain't selling the same".... Hi Pusha J Cole talking to you

  2. Just Fire

    I played this in front of my dog and now it’s a lion 🦁✊🏻😂🔫

  3. Scarfcee Papi


  4. ItsBrianHere

    We raised by our momma lord we gotta heal 🙏🏻

  5. Faze Amos


  6. Izuku Midoriya

    Middle Child go Hard Asf My Homies 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💜💜💜💜

  7. Izuku Midoriya

    Fire Dude J Cole Better Than XXXTENTACION 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎😎😎 Fire and Cool ASF

  8. careless

    Cole still the same

  9. Hugo Marques

    Best song this year hands down, no one will make a better song until the end of the year.

  10. TR IN

    Yo check out my middle child challenge cn-new.net/online/视频-S6F6huNhGOg.html

  11. Nathan Ballesteros

    Why did he post this again?

  12. Tragic Kevin

    this is real rap. unlike these muble rappers dude, the only muble rap caus they dont know what to say.this a banger

  13. Milan Peters

    I showed this to my cat...its a tiger now

  14. Rippz249

    This song popping so hard I almost got shot by the cops

  15. Let's B Real

    How does this have dislikes? The fuuuuuuck is wrong with people these days???

  16. Daniel Pace

    I keep this on repeat

  17. FrEDo AlFredO

    "It won't be to sell you my latest sneakers" lol

  18. David Alarcon

    Trap cole

  19. ᄋᄉᄋ 감독은C H E R R Y

    It kinda sounds like a chance the rapper flow

  20. Jerry Jean baptiste

    This song reminds me of when you eager to hear new music. Cole always has a message in music, much respect!!!

  21. your next door neighbor 1

    Not joking I felt like my whole body was shaking from the bass even though I’m only wearing headphones.

  22. SpaceCityClaww YT

    I sang this in school i got a kicked out

  23. Paul Hendee


  24. Spawn101

    This shit gose hard 🔥🔥

  25. Malec

    Real Rap still made in 2019 0.0

  26. Rahma Khaliif


  27. Terry Smith


  28. Queven Mz

    Fuck Ye, Pusha T, and Meek Mill. They some hungryass mfs.

  29. Alimanuel Smith

    Sounds like a school shooter song

  30. Natallee M.

    I don’t like his music except for like 4 song ms but thissss? YESSSSSSIR

    1. JohnnyDeaux

      check the j. cole playlist on my profile, guarantee you'll find some new flames to jam

  31. Katara Marie


  32. Byrda 420

    The real ones is dying the fake ones is lit..... Thank u J Cole for being on ur shit 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Diego Cortes

    Keep this trending 🔥💯💯💯💯

  34. Joseph J

    Why’s this just hittin’ a mill?

    1. JohnnyDeaux

      ikr.. this should have like 5 million already

  35. WoffyGamerYT_son

    Im a middle child.. And I hate how I listen to a song and it blows up and people say I didnt listen to it 😐

  36. Gavin Ferguson

    Why is this not at a million yet tf? 😨🔫

  37. BHam The Lyricist

    #BHamTheLyricist #HamGoinHam #LiveVersion #RIPMumbleRap #RealMusicForRealPeople #DancinWithTheDevil" cn-new.net/online/视频-2DZB9S05RXI.html

  38. Hello There


  39. JJ M


  40. Jacob Moore

    I played this through my headphones Now they’re AirPods

  41. Joel A.

    I find this type of music really pointless. I don’t know why it trends. People nowadays don’t know what real music is

    1. Nathon Russo

      Troll faile

  42. Chris Kolath

    FayetteNam stand the fuc@ up...... NC bleed that blue

  43. InHaLe BlUnTs

    amazing!, j cole you are fucking legend. no one can top your shit

  44. RzVids

    When J Cole said, “To the greats, I’m begging you now” he does know they’re retired right lol?

  45. Ghost25 thereal1

    Not even a mil tf

  46. Joey Hutchison

    It's -6° rn and this song helps my car warm up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 pure heat

  47. Gltched

    M I D D L E C H I L D Even if your not :]

  48. Liam


  49. Zlomp ·

    Probs my fav song rn 😂

  50. Alejandro Gil

    Middle generation child

  51. Blueberry Muffin

    This should've came out in December because of the cadence lol

  52. nick 1811

    Fake ones is lit true

  53. Starla Mayo


  54. hazelshakti


  55. Caryn Calantoni

    Yassss you are something else ya know!!!

  56. Jay C


  57. yung phoenix

    Here at 666k

  58. Nina De La Isla

    He always gon be better than these new rappers

  59. Greg XoTiliOverdose

    Trash 🗑

    1. Greg XoTiliOverdose

      Big Sack also that’s not how u spell The Weeknd it’s like that how I just wrote it

    2. Greg XoTiliOverdose

      He still does bro anyways he’ll be back 🙏🏽

    3. Big Sack

      Damn that’s why the weekend don’t trend no more.

  60. Mark koerner

    Why are there even this many dislikes??

  61. Juan Barcenas

    what happen to the views?

  62. See Graham

    One day im gonna do a song with cole... cn-new.net/online/视频-kY4wdlwzE-I.html open.spotify.com/album/2lfSzOB4Od3dqJFCr4Y7G6?si=lzmQKHB3SQafzYl3tSPgzA itunes.apple.com/us/album/salt-feat-meechie-single/1449147454 play.google.com/music/r/m/Tnq7s36upw2vmyqq5xibrf43ble?t=Salt_feat_Meechie_-_See_Graham

  63. Micah C

    Here before it blows up

  64. Julian W

    How does this only have 600k views?!?!

  65. Carey Hughes

    Yall made him do it🔥

  66. Jakeb Vailalo

    Pure lyricist

  67. JOMAL Ortiz Ortega

    When I heard this my pants went on fire!!!!

  68. Drip 20k

    Why j cole slept on because he ain’t mainstream?

  69. Cashawn Fulmer


  70. L O S T SB

    I showed this song to the grass in my yard now its WEED

  71. kobe 4444

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    1. Micah C

      What the

  72. Trenton Jackson

    Why isn't this at 1M yet?



  74. Nipple TwisterTwoThousand



    Yes yes for this..yall give this man his credit by now fuck!! J.COLE WE SEE AND HEAR YOU MAN!!

  76. Melford Farizer

    Long live j.Cole

  77. Mona Jones

    Oooooo 🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪

  78. Yvng Grizz

    J cole just fuckin snapped

  79. ya boii

    Why is this song taking so long to hit a milli

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  81. Jj Clark

    1:41 is the best no kap and he from fayettville where i stay

    1. Jesus Paz

      I thought he said I want something I can feel

    2. Chris Kolath

      FayetteNam baby......... From the merk, Bonny dune

  82. Jayda Cox

    Here before 500,000 , like if you are too ❤️💋

  83. Emma Johns




  85. Thug Pita


  86. Tandis ChArm

    This is actually really good

  87. rvarela4

    911: what’s your emergency Me : it’s j cole again 911: we are sending 3 fire trucks and a new pair of head phones

    1. Josiah Frechette

      rvarela4 great

    2. Obsidian Co

      Look at what you did now ICE got 21 savage😂😂

    3. lizzie n


    4. Im the H4cker

      +Jasiel Rosas Almeida no one gives a fuck

  88. Love Lopez

    This hit me hard

  89. Richard Hough

    Finally rap not about money drugs and women. An actual message. Thanks J Cole

  90. J_Robb Tv

    Click here for lyrics to the song- cn-new.net/online/视频-dkbVG6WCC4c.html

  91. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    1/10 Not enough mumbling