[MV] CLC _ No

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    [MV] CLC _ No
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    A girl group CLC, who received much love for its 7th mini-release album [BLACK DRESS] in February last year, is planning another transformation with its 8th mini-album [No.1], which has matured more than a year ago.
    The title song "No" is a dance song with a unique texture of synth bass and dynamic bass line. Rather than denying their previous image such as pure, sexy and cute, the lyrics express pride and confidence that ‘I can't express myself in one color.’
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    1. shadman qadir

      Okay who's the blonde girl and the girl in the beginning because I might be in love

      1. Lisa Guerrero 2.0

        Blonde- Yeeun The girl in the beginning-Seungyeon

    2. breathing is for the weak

      The song took a bit to grow on me, but now it has it won't get OFF

    3. Música For You

      This deserve so much more views Actually 100M

    4. xmochilove

      y'all don't understand how obsessed I am with Seungyeon's "NO" and "NOOOOOOO". I say it like how she says it as part of my daily vocabulary lmaoo

      1. siti hazirah

        I say it like Seunghee say during their fanmeet lolll

    5. Eric Lee Piano

      yeeun is such a boss ass bitch with her hair tosses but for some reason the one at 0:54 ~ 0:55 made me laugh XD the way she poofs it with her hand is so cute :D someone should count how many times she touched her hair in this MV lol!

    6. Evelyn

      Personally, I don't like so much girl groups but they are fire!. "Badass vibes/ concept" fit so well on them. I can't stop listening to this bop. What's the name of the fandom? They are amazing and caught my attention and my interest.

      1. Calvin Mitchell

        Can also check out their songs Black Dress and Hobgoblin. As well as their 'No.1', 'Crystyle', and "Black Dress" albums.

      2. 슈가Genius

        We are called Cheshires! ❤️ If you want to know more about the girls thai member Sorn has her own yt channel called 'Produsorn' also they have their 10 ep tv show on cube ent you can check it out!

    7. lola wadi


    8. watchara kook

      go go go to 10 m

    9. Annalyzing Data

      New Cheshire here! If someone can help me with their names that would be great! Thanks😊😊❤Congrats on the first win

      1. Annalyzing Data

        +dubu Thank you so much! Will do😁

      2. dubu

        Annalyzing Data Welcome to the fandom!!! 0:14 Seungyeon 0:36 Yujin 0:46 Sorn 0:51 Yeeun 1:00 Eunbin 2:15 Elkie 2:20 Seunghee Please support them on their future comebacks :)

    10. Crystylan CLC

      Gosh this song is so addicting.

    11. Crystylan CLC

      I keep coming back to this MV

    12. you are black dress

    13. omega Sempai


    14. lizkook shipper

      Red lips no Earrings no High heels no Hand bag no School nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    15. Bhumika Gaur


    16. Kate ARMY


    17. Malinda Waltz

      " walk like me" well damn miss, I'm not that gorgeous

    18. Malinda Waltz

      there's no visual hole in clc stan talent, stan clc stan visual, stan clc

    19. RamenNoodlez

      *If only I saw this earlier-*

    20. hafety enough


    21. Jacky Lee

      get ready for the prevoting again on mwave :D

    22. Queen Girls

      وربي 8 مليون قليله بحقهم

    23. Diana Capellini

      This song need way more views!!! Is lit!!!

    24. Mhmd sagh

      Im still here:)

    25. lizkook shipper

      Is that a foreginer cause she is beautiful :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💓💜💜💜💜💜💜💓

      1. lizkook shipper

        +재커리 oh ok thx I just thought there was one

      2. 재커리

        lizkook shipper They have 2 foreigners :) 0:41 Sorn from Thailand 1:06 Elkie from Hong Kong

    26. kookie monster

      Ok so I am joining this fam today I luv this song

      1. PEACE SIGN

        You're welcome to the Chesires boo😙

    27. Riko desoo

      who’s the white girl lol

      1. 재커리

        You’re thinking of Sorn, who’s Thai lol

      2. 칯

        Riko desoo none of them are white, 5 koreans, 1 thai and 1 chinese

    28. 「 clctwicebtstxt 」

      Go to 10mi!!!

    29. Parkchaeyoung

      Who is this Thai girl? Plsss

      1. Anna Firnen

        Sorn, she has her own yt channel called "Produsorn", she speaks English in there check it out!

    30. Yubin Mei

      12M on both channels!!!!!!Keep Stre@ming!!!!!!!

    31. chanbaek `

      SORNNNNNN 💚💚💚

    32. Khadiza R

      they all so gorgeous buT BLONDE GIRL WOAH

    33. Sm0L BeaN

      Twice: Yes or CLC: NO? Twice:Yes Apink:No No No

    34. y ong


    35. xuxi's heart

      i appreciate the thai sign

    36. Arney Ósk Guðlaugsdóttir

      Jebb. It is true. I like girls

    37. Karazz

      This song got me into CLC

    38. Izzy


    39. g_i_dle neverland


    40. Rocío Martínez

      10 millions on this channel before a month??♡

    41. baebae hana


      1. baebae hana

        +Agus Velazquez ouh.tq for the info :)

      2. Agus Velazquez

        +baebae hana Soyeon was not the only one who participated in the song, Yeeun also did it

      3. baebae hana

        +estefania lovato whyy?

      4. estefania lovato

        baebae hana 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    42. Mariana Bucheli


      1. Mariana Bucheli


      2. Mariana Bucheli


    43. Ramen_Addict Gaming

      I think Seungyeon and Yeeun fit this concept super well. They also really stand out in this MV.

    44. Be ab

      Seungyoen has the western body features

    45. Oanh Nguyen

      OMG 2:09 2:10 OMG Elkie is so beautiful

    46. Hanee98. M

      3rd win please

    47. applinus

      Congrats for 2 wins CLC!!! 🎉🎉

    48. CoelhoZZ

      Só bora 10 milhões de views!!!!!♡♡♡

    49. Mina Emmy

      Gow of 10 M

    50. It's Mirā

      Why is Seunghee, Sorn and Elkie so pretty? Also Yeeun looks sexy here !

    51. cibelle oli

      Em um mês tem que ter 10m ou 15M amém...

    52. Stan The Boyz For Good Grades and Skin

      Omg I even can't believe we got our first WIN but then after a few days we already got our second WIN?!?!?! I see more wins coming ❤❤👸👸

    53. The keeper of jams

      I stan so hard

    54. The keeper of jams

      The message is so amazing and so empowering I love it

    55. Siripa Siripoka

      Sorn ✨

    56. The keeper of jams

      I love this song sm

    57. Natalie Garcia

      I’m new fan And I can’t stop listening They have so much talent

      1. 슈가Genius

        If you want to know more about CLC try watching their 10 ep tv show on cube ent channel! It has eng subs!

    58. Mick Vico Fernando


    59. clara sailo

      HOBGOBLIN can't be topped..huh.

    60. DoubleV Twenty

      12M Vi'ws combined

    61. Utopia is the cause of my Euphoria

      Did anyone come from Eddy and Eddie

    62. Illariy Moya

      I'm not crying. I swear. The views are increasing 200k per day but still I'm not crying. I'm making a lake 😍😫

    63. The Loony Builder


    64. Yasmish princess

      Still a BOP bishhhh

    65. Alhanouf

      I can’t stop listening to this fucking good song

    66. Vinct Wei Jian

      come on!!! stop sleeping on CLC..... bunch of great songs, good looking, nice variety humors!!!!! I really don't know why?? their Music Videos views was much more better than other girl group but why?? the main problem is the album sales, do Cheshire know that this album the sales was just 5000?? as the average girl group album sales is 20000. they are more below average!!!! I really don't know why.... come on if you their song, buy their album!!!!

    67. Yes Finally


    68. Judy fahad

      STREM NOOO the song is a bop and it deserves more views iam happy they got their first win 💜💜

    69. Eric Lee Piano

      i'm in love with this song recently

    70. โอ๊ต โซน.


    71. Alex San

      If Somi sang this as her debut song... This music would be a really nice match !

    72. Min JuTHaMaS


    73. Sam Mas

      That ending! Noooooooooo! So funny, I like it.

    74. kaimook mm

      ซีแอลซี I love you ❤

    75. kpop cures depression

      fun fact: soyeon wrote this song

      1. 칯

        kpop cures depression not only soyeon but yeeun too

      2. Kronos 12

        Yeeun has also contributed to the lyrics like she does in every Song😉👍


        I love Soyeon so much

      4. Yasmish princess

        Oof Thank you Queen Soyeon

      5. kpop cures depression


    76. I will to love you forever Eunjung

      8.435.838 fighting cheshires

    77. Jeongyeon Twice #1

      I think i will become their fans. TWICLC

      1. Yasmish princess

        Welcome here I am a oncecheshire too🤗

    78. Willian Gomes

      10M before March pls🙏🙏😔

    79. Onari Jayarathne

      I just love that more female artists are promoting individuality and not giving a F**k like YASS LETS GOOOO

    80. shiyaan L

      Chesires CLC is almost finished with their promotions but there's another group which seriously deserves to win their first win just like CLC did. Dreamcatcher came back with title track Piri and it's really good. So like good supportive stans let's show some support to dreamcatcher too and help insomnias with Streaming Piri. Also if you can please vote for them on starpass and idol champ this week (Friday to Monday) so they can win their first win next week. Let's help and show more support and appreciation for dreamcatcher too. They are just like CLC and have been waiting so long for their first win which they deserve already! Str3am No!! Str3am Piri!!

    81. mild mild

      ซีแอลซี 💓

    82. Tempest Peace

      Congratulations to CLC and Cheshires on your 2nd win from InSomnias (Dreamcatcher fans)! I honestly think CLC should have gotten their wins a LONG TIME AGO. They have such great songs! I still listen to Hobgoblin, Black Dress, and Pepe all the time. I'm so happy they're finally getting the recognition they deserve! If it's not too much trouble, can you help us InSomnias str3am "Piri" and vote on STARPASS for The Show since CLC's promotions will be over? We would appreciate your help and we really need you! ❤️❤️❤️ Dreamcatcher and CLC are both underrated groups that deserve the world. ❤️ Congratulations on a great comeback! This will be an era to remember! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Bourby

        I cannot speak for all the cheshires but I'm so ready to help DC get their first win.

    83. kawaii drafts_

      Sorn, why are you super cuteee?????? :

    84. mold

      Wig? NO

    85. Paul Piears

      Air rings? *NO*

    86. Hiwaba etraV

      I can say NO to everyone execpt CLC

    87. Kim- Kim


    88. OddAndAbout

      Say no to high heels while wearing high heels...ok...

      1. OddAndAbout

        +재커리 I don't know how to describe it. I guess groundbreaking isn't the right term. It's just it doesn't wow me to the point where I want more. No hate ofc I think they are doing a good job.

      2. 재커리

        Just curious but what is a “groundbreaking” music video to you?

      3. DoubleV Twenty

        +OddAndAbout Okay It just seems like you didn't understand the concept and the mv and ofc you can like or dislike it it's your choice Thankss for enjoying whatever

      4. OddAndAbout

        +DoubleV Twenty yes as I've replied to kim rhonny above, I understand the concept they are going for but it's just not doing it for me. No hate, it's a good mv but just not doing it for me.

      5. DoubleV Twenty

        +OddAndAbout This song is not about hating or not wearing girl accessories like high heels makeup or earrings. They are singing about how they love themselves. They will say no if The public other than themselves make them wear those things. They are wearing in the mv because THEY WANT TO regardless of people wanting them to look girly. If you also check the lyrics it also focus on how to love themselves and wearing these things for their self-satisfaction.

    89. stay salty

      Obsessed. This song is amazing

    90. Homebody Hermit

      Great work Soyeon

    91. Megan Henning

      They got there second win!!!!!!!!!way to go Cheshires

    92. Andara Ratrie


    93. Yuettea

      2:42 geez they mad saying that nooooooooo

    94. Jossely Narvaez

      Congrats on your 2nd win.

    95. End & And

      Cheshires its time to vote for #CLC3RDWIN on Mnet! Lets get their 3rd win before they end promotions! GOGO!

      1. Selma Sel

        End & And omg if that happens

    96. Andrea Cortez

      Seungyeon gained weight, and I hope she can lose it back, just bc Korean fans sucks

      1. 재커리

        I care more about Seungyeon’s happiness than Knetz’s feelings, but that’s just me

      2. Linn2271

        I am happy she gained weight. She looks amazing and appears to be in great shape. There is a CLC video from last year where she said she was gonna do a "brief exercise" yet she stayed in the gym for 90 min 😲 I don't know what Korean fans are saying but most international fans say she looks gorgeous and that they wish they had her body.

      3. Kaede Akamatsu

        let her be healthy

      4. Calvin Mitchell

        Haters will hate, no matter what your weight. She has gained weight, cause of working out more to be better at dancing, so her weight is just fine.

    97. Ryo San13

      "La Vie En Rose" burned at 2:45

    98. yen yen

      👑👑👑👑👑👑👑queens, now i need another comeback to get y'all even more wins

    99. 4clc

      cheshires this is the last week for clc promos. next week clc's sisters group (g)i-dle are making a comeback i think we should help them with str34m1ng? I'm tired of this fanwar. CLC and Idle are close friends and they support/love each other, Shuhua's letters to Elkie/CLC are so cute too and Soyeon and Yeeun participated in the making of this song. They are the labelmates with most interactions I think. Just by watching their MV 1 time and leaving one comment "cheshire here supporting idle" could make a difference! I will do it, thank you if any of u wanna help too

      1. kon soup

        Thanks guys. I'm a Neverland who has been helping CLC and Cheshires with voting and str*aming since No came out (I listen to their older songs too) It's sad how non-fans are pretending to be fans of either groups and creating fanwars between the two sister groups. We shouldn't let this happen. They're both under the same company and they support each other so both fandoms should too ❤️

      2. yen yen

        4clc i'll help too!

    100. Madeline Doctor

      CLC: Ageyo No Me: oh fck yeah queens **cries**