SM YG JYP | K-Pop BIG 3 | Which is most talented family?

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    Comparison of the big 3 K-Pop Labels groups and artists. Which is your favourite family?

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    1. About Music

      FREQUENT QUESTIONS -Why there isn't NCT/Stray kids/ f(x) etc. ? I've chosen only the main groups due to lengh problems. I picked Exo instead of NCT, Got7 instead of SK etc. I also excluded first generation groups such as TVXQ, H.O.T, G.O.D etc. -Why there isn't Taeyeon (vocalist)? It's not about personal preference, but technically speaking Wendy is a better performer than Taeyeon. Both have a really nice voice but Wendy is more technical and more stable especially in low range. -Why Yugyeom is not main dancer of JYP? I choose 1 female and 1 male for each label (I made a mistake in SM Dance). I agree that Yugyeom is an excelent dancer (he also won hit the stage) but his dancing techniques cannot even be compared to JYP. JYP is recognised as one of the best korean dancer of the last 3 decades. -YG/SM/JYP is better than... etc. I'll give my neutral opinion about these 3 labels. In terms of dancing, the 3 labels are quite equal (YG is little bit behind), each one of them has valuable main dancers in their groups. In term of vocals, many people think SM is the best one (and they could be right if we consider only the idol groups), but under a global vision JYP is in the first position. JYP's philosophy is to debut as idol those one who have the best visual and entertaining sense. Nevertheless the most talented artists debut as a band or soloist. JYP has Day6, 15& and the best soloists of Korea such as Bernard Park (also Yang Hyeon Seok and Yoo Hee cheol admitted on Kpop Stars that Bernard is a singer who borns every 1000 years). In terms of rapping, even though JYP and SM new generation groups are improving their labels rapper line, they still cannot compete with YG. YG has big names such as veterans GD, TOP, Epik high and more technical new generation rappers such as MINO, B.I. and BOBBY (also winnerof Show me The money season 3). Globally the most uniformly talented idols are in SM, while (speaking of idols only) YG is more concerned about Hiphop/R&B style performances and JYP is more competitive in korean market due to catchy songs.

      1. dark_angel123

        +OfficialMINO I don't think so. They, themselves, even said they're the 2nd generation. And they also the first that started the new image of a boy group. The 1st generation boy groups like H.O.T., Shinhwa, and Fly To The Sky, they were more manly and had a darker image. Then DBSK had this flower boy looks. You know, they would be the next generation after the boy groups I named. Also, the 1st generation started in 1996, not 1998. You only remember Shinhwa, but not H.O.T.?

      2. OfficialMINO

        +kpoop 4ever Bighit is not big3 companies

      3. OfficialMINO

        +Fo kossi DAGBEGNIKIN NO, TVXQ is 1st Gen Gen1: 1998-2005 Gen2: 2005-2012 Gen3: 2019-2026...

      4. OfficialMINO

        +dark_angel123 NO, TVXQ is 1st Gen Gen1: 1998-2005 Gen2: 2005-2012 Gen3: 2019-2026...

      5. OfficialMINO

        +Sofie Ramos pledis is not Big3 companies

    2. scxxiel jelly

      I pick YG, YG not only talented but have visual,top rapper,main dancer,vocalist YG CAN DO ALL IF YOU STAN YG!

    3. Yokojin Cheshire

      This moment when you like groups of each company and can't decide which ones the best for you 😂

    4. Keely Lin

      What song is taeyang singing??

    5. k-pop love

      For me JYP entertaiment🖤

    6. Thalia Hanna

      Yg family 👏👏👏👏💕

    7. 윤미정

      김종인 나올줄 알았다 자랑스러워ㅜㅜ

    8. Tayná Rocha

      Intro: GIRLS GENARATION = Música Gee e I got Boy. RED VELVET = Música = Red flavor e bad Boy. 2NE1 =músicas Fire e I'm a the best. Blackpink = Boombayah e DDU DU DDU DU DU .Wonder Girls = tell me (não sei se está certo) TWICE = TT e DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY. Super Junior ( não sei mais vou pesquisar) Exo não sei á primeira música* EXO KO KO BOP . BIG BANG- -------. WINNER = MÚSICA = REALLY REALLY . 2PM NÃO SEI *-**. *-------------*-------------*------------* WENDY = RED VELVET CHEN = EXO TAEYANG=BIGBANG AKMU = DUO JIHYO = TWICE YOUNG K = DAY6 * -------*-------*-----*-------*--- KAI EXO TAEMIN = SHINEE LISA = BLACKPINK TAEYANG = BIGBANG MOMO =TWICE PARK JIN YOUNG = SOLOIST 😂😍😘💗

    9. Ashly Fernanda Mendoza Aguilar


    10. Althea Jodie Zerna

      Visuals SM and JYP Dance YG and JYP Vocal SM and JYP Rap YG

    11. strawberries and choc


    12. Jin

      That JYP CEO can really dance 😱👏👏

    13. soft yoongi

      no one can beat SM vocals, no one can beat YG rappers. done !

    14. Cristallyn Tapawan


    15. Anika Y

      *whispers jyp*

    16. สามีมีนามว่า แบมๆ

      G GO GOT GOT7 GOT GO G GOT7 😷😝😝

    17. Bts Army


    18. Nuggets Are Life

      Like - Old generation Comment - New generation

    19. Christal Deosaran

      I just can't stan by one

    20. Nouf _ Alharbi_7


    21. • S A D Ë Ë N N •

      JYP FAMILY ❤️

    22. Gii Maximoff

      JYP AAAAA GOT7💙💙💙

    23. Step OutLyvin

      A JYP Stan right here🤘🏻 But also luv SM and YG artists

    24. Diki Zln


    25. Stephanie Yu

      JYP family fans 🔥 check station 💋

    26. Anjaneth Lamac

      For me its sm . Sm artist are total package...

    27. Pasa wai

      YG 👌

    28. Kiwi Wong

      αи∂ тнιѕ ιѕ нσω fαиωαяѕ αяє ¢яєαтє∂

    29. Chanahyeng Chanahyeng

      Blackpink Twice

    30. miss izah

      as a multifandom, i cant choose. Sorry. My heart belongs to these three company

    31. Eiko Natsumi

      YG Family❤

    32. Momo NicoNicoNi

      Jyp is Best in vocal Dance Visual Rap

    33. LXD

      all 3 companies talented af and deserve all respects no matter how do you think about them SM (best vocals rappers dancers) YG (best rappers vocals dancers) JYP (best dancers vocals rappers) and no one can argue with me

    34. Shirley Fenette

      I don't know but I think this video is quite unfair to YG clips...

    35. Teresa Tura

      I hate yg but blackpink is just amazing Also 2019 ? Anyone

    36. Hey Hi


    37. 지민

      in the eyes of Koreans BIGHIT: BTS wins you three. SM: a poor grade YG:Teddy, CL, GD JYP:ITZY Monster rookie, SUZY

    38. Allison Ramz

      I'm dead jyp at the end tho

    39. La Blancha

      1.SM 2.JG 3.JYP 👍👍👍

    40. Nurul Nopita Ekasari

      SM is the best

    41. The Green Pumpkin

      personally i choose sm because - dance: they have gods , hyo, taemin, kai, you name it they got it - vocal: wendy, tts. also bada but shes not in sm anymore, if any of them sang i’d die on the spot bc of it - rap: i dont really know much abt their rappers so ,,, also they have produced great groups for the past two decades, and they’re usually extremely talented and chart-topping groups i dont really know much about sm bc i am a jyp stan but!! please inform me if i’ve forgotten anything (-:

    42. Tt Tt

      JYP.... Forever

    43. Panda lover

      Park Jin young Group: Soloist Position:*CEO* Idk I just found that funny

    44. eliza Delacruz


    45. Mister Tik Tok

      I think JYP and SM is best among them

    46. MeowImAKitty

      My opinion: JYP: Catchy songs (ex: Get cool, N/S, all twice songs, dalla dalla, etc.) best visuals (members and mv aesthetic) SM: best vocals (exo and rv for example) and unique songs/concepts (nct and rv) YG: best rap (bobby, b.i., Top, gd, etc.), easier dances for me to learn xD I don't even know my face family. It depends how I feel that day lol

    47. ** Cαмι ρéяєz **

      JYP 😍

    48. Shoping Together


    49. Shoping Together

      YG THE BEST EVER .............

    50. Kunjal Gawas

      I choose . . . . . . BigHit 😁

    51. Hana Wang


    52. Madi Gamer

      Im a Blink ( a fan of blackpink ) So obvs YG

    53. Vika Sumskaya

      I like YG for artists and JYP for treating their artists not like lions in the circus

    54. Nagato Yuki

      I think the JYP company cares a lot of their idols, and yeahh, that's excelent

    55. Pedro Gil

      JYP because they have Jihyo.

    56. zero four


    57. park asmr


    58. syifa Ammalia

      SM: CONCEPT, VISUAL, VOCAL (best for technic), DANCE (many best dancer in kpop from this company), RAP( now TY and Mark). JYP: SONG (they make catchy song), VISUAL, DANCE, VOCAL (but jst some of them) YG: CHARISMA, SONG (many hit song by this company), RAP, DANCE, VOCAL (with yg's style)

    59. Liane Rein Sta Maria

      no one can beat my twice and blackpink

    60. jeon jungkook

      You still call exo new generation???

    61. Jose Delossantos

      YG FAM

    62. Phương Linh Trần

      YG is the best

    63. Siti Sitok

      Park jin young Dancer Position: CEO 😂😂😂

    64. Maria Atanasova


    65. syifa fans jennie

      Aku SM karena aku suka exo

    66. Blinks Blackpink

      YG Family!!!!! blackpinkkkk

    67. male kpop fan

      People here saying SM doesn't treat their idols well and say they like YG. Blackpink has One mini album and 9 songs total. NCT 127 has like 4-5 full albums. They both debuted in the same year.


      In my opinion: 1 - JYP 2 - sm 3 - YG 👑💕.

    69. 종숙타뷔

      YG lol obviously from my dp 😂 i don’t really compare each company because they have different taste in music which makes each of them unique in their own ways but I choose YG artists from the start because they just have this particular swag feels in them (just like how I see as SM artists as sophisticated people and how JYP artists this Fresh/Bubbly but really cool and talented in the same way) yeah i dont know 🤷‍♀️ but I just feel like YG is YG they have their own color and I find it hard sometimes to watch other singer’s covers of songs from YG groups because it feels like it was really designed for the group’s type of voice like Quality wise i’d go for YG👌

    70. Darwanti Dahlis


    71. KOKO

      SM!!!! 🤪I hate the company but they got the best artists ngl. From visuals to vocals, dance, rap, to being mc’s, composers, entrepreneurs, comedians etc. THEY ARE PERFECT!

    72. muahhh muahahaha

      The Greatest family

    73. muahhh muahahaha

      SM💖 The biggest

    74. Supreme._. Lisa

      What if they all collaborate ... well I know It but going to become true but just imagine 💗

    75. Terrell W

      YG because all the legends are there like Big Bang, 2ne1, ikon ,winner,CL they were the ones from the beginning to the end . Big Bang. VIP😊 but no hate to the other companies i still like the groups MY Opinion 👌🏾

    76. Lilac -chan

      Where’s bts? Big hit en.

    77. Putik Zelmeira

      SM ofc

    78. Miyoui Mina

      JYP !

    79. Maslahatus Sania

      9:10 song fire&....?

      1. TAE TAE

        Signal mv

    80. afreen sayyed

      YG entertainment because my fav is blackpink and my fav actor is also under in YG ENTERTAINMENT

    81. tae.nuggets

      yg got rappers sm got vocals jyp got dance then theres cre.ker with the subtitles

    82. Farniya Nematollahi

      I think that most people would go with this line-up. Vocals: SM, JYP, YG Rap: YG, JYP, SM Dance: SM, JYP, YG While JYP isn't the best at any particular thing, it is the most well rounded and consisted group out of the big three. Personally, I would go with this line-up. (I MIGHT BE EXTREMELY BIASED SO YEAH) Vocals: JYP, SM, YG (IK SM is the vocal powerhouse but I like the way JYP artists sound esp JB, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Day6, Jihyo, WG, Miss A, etc. I told u IM BIASED) Rap: YG, JYP, ------------SM (I think SM rappers are much more behind than YG and JYP ones -I only rlly like Mark from NCT-) Dance: SM, JYP, ------------------YG (YG's most capable dancers are probably Lisa and Minzy, and I know that they're talented but like I don't really like the way they dance and this is biased so yeah. Total respect tho.) Yeah I'm JYP biased. But I used to be YG biased when I was first introduced to this genre (lasted for like 5 months) and then changed to SM for like a year but I've been JYP biased ever since. I love artists from a variety of companies tho so...

    83. Sim D

      Welp in the future the new generation would be ITZY FOR JYP

    84. iliana Gatz

      Young k isn't main vocalist is main rapper job (from got7) is the main vocalist from jyp

    85. Exo_ l

      Sm family👑💓

    86. Mrs. Random

      No for real Kyuhyun is the best Vocalist of S.M. for real ♥️

    87. Mrs. Random

      For me is S.M. best I mean they have all talends DANCE VOCAL VISUAL Rap too♥️

    88. G3nesis

      all of them have similar level of talents, just different music style. however, best CEO goes to JYP.

    89. Luana Silva

      Jyp is the Best!!!

    90. 븍숭아I'm just a

      SM has the best artist but treats them like shit...

    91. Yovina Firdarehan

      it’s obviously SM

    92. Mina Myoui

      no need to compare which is the best lol they’re all unique in their own ways

    93. Rudmila arisha!


    94. anyeong everyone

      SM dance always seem so easy. the artists make it seems so easy. but actualy it's so fast and smooth af!

    95. Chantika Aulia

      It's SM

    96. I'm Foxy Bb Lisa

      YG is the best 👑😍

    97. Jurazil Park

      I think I'm OK because I follow and stan every company

    98. Space ninja


    99. Space ninja

      Thank me later.1:23